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In Colombia, the decades-long armed conflict has torn apart families in the countryside, leaving children vulnerable to forced recruitment by illegal armed groups.

donaciones niños

Your donation enables us to

Educación niños

Create schools and play spaces, thereby allowing young victims of war to develop, exercise their rights, acquire healthy lifestyle habits and strengthen their self-esteem.

educación niños

Facilitate cultural activities and games that contribute to the development of skills and the strengthening of values.

Educación colombia

Promote sports like soccer, basketball, and aerobics for the elderly and other community members.

Educación niños

Strengthen knowledge of individual rights. We facilitate conversation about values, healthy habits, pregnancy guidance, psychosocial workshops on good treatment, prevention of sexual abuse through art therapy, and forum cinemas.

We have built 25 playful houses throughout Colombia, promoting development through educational, sports and cultural initiatives that seek the best use of free time and influence the life project of many children who have been victims of the armed conflict.



Together we can transform our communities and generate opportunities for the people that need them most

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Thank you for supporting our work and providing better conditions for the kids who need them most in Colombia.